Brown bleeding/spotting.

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Brown bleeding/spotting.

I apologize in advance for the long post. I'm so confused and scared. I am pregnant and I don't know how far along I am. I bleed so irregularly that I have no idea when I get a period. On November 7th I started to bleed light pink. On november 8th i bled more red but it would stop and start all day long. I didn't stop bleeding until November 20th. On December 9th I got a positive pregnancy test after taking two on Dec. 4th and 5th and getting negatives. I went into the obgyn on december 10th and she did an ultrasound and all she saw was a thickened endometrium. She did blood work and told me to come back in two weeks. On Dec. 16th I woke up and used the toilet. When I wiped I had dark brown blood on the toilet paper. Since then I've been spotting brown blood. Never enough to fill a pantyliner or pad and no cramping or bright red blood. It hasn't stopped. I called the dr and she sent me for an ultrasound which should have been at 5w5days. When I went in the sono tech saw two sacs that were empty and they were measuring around 5 weeks or more. The radiologist said I can't give you an answer other than to come back in in a week and repeat the ultrasound to see if this is a viable pregnancy. My hcg level was 114 on december 10th. On dec. 13th they were 638. On december 17th it was 4038. My progesterone was 60. Dr. says they're rising appropriately. I am to go back and repeat the scan at her office on wednesday. If she still can't see anything in the sacs she is sending me for repeat blood work and another ultrasound at the radiology place 4 days later. I'm so scared. Last year I had a missed miscarraige and I had some brown and red bleeding the entire 7w5d pregnant. Does this sound light blighted ova or is there any possibility this pregnancy is good. Why am I spotting/bleeding this brown looking blood? Will it stop? Thank you.


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Dr.Amos_2 (not verified)

It appears that your HCG titers have been rising normally. The best way to make sure that the pregnancy is viable, is to do a sonogram and see the pregnancy.