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TTC - no period after stopping Nuva Ring

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TTC - no period after stopping Nuva Ring

Hi, I am new to this site and looking for advice. I am 27 years old and stopped the NuvaRing the end of December, had a period, and have not had one since then. I went to my gyno in March and she did a blood test and all levels were fine. She did tell me to cut back on exercising since I was working out over an hour every day and my muscle to fat ratio was not normal for a woman. She also gave me Provera and I had one day of spotting. I am not underweight (BMI is normal) and I have cut back on the working out but still have not had a period. I have symptoms week to week, cramping, nausea, fatigue and have taken pregnancy tests every few weeks just to make sure but they have all been negative. I am supposed to go back to the dr in June if I have not had a period or am not pregnant. I am getting frustrated and I know stress does not help the situation. I desperately want to have a baby soon. Has anyone had this problem after going off birth control?????


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Jessica wantsab... (not verified)

I know it's a little late, but I had the same exact problem after Nuva Ring.I am 20 years old and TTC #1 with my fiance'. I stopped NR also in December of 2010,had my period from Dec.28-January 1. I did not have a period after that until April 22 of 2011. That period lasted only 2 days, and I have yet to have another. I want a child so badly, but am scared that because of the irregularity, I will not be able to have one. Did you ever have any luck?