Nursing for 5 hours straight....I need help

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Nursing for 5 hours straight....I need help

can this be normal...Autumn nurses from 8:00 am until noon to 1pm with only a few small breaks in between. She has so much milk that it runs out of her mouth and depending on her head position it runs into her nose....She gulps when she swallows so I know there is plenty of milk....She will eventually fall asleep for 5 to 10 minutes with me holding her and once I put her down she wakes up and thinks she wants to eat again.. This has been going on for several days....I will even after her nursing for so long give her 3 oz of breast milk from a bottle and she is still awake and wanting to eat....

Please any suggestions that you have...I am tied to this chair all day and all night and cant stand it anymore....She refuses to sleep in our bedroom so I am forced to sleep in the living room and she sleeps max 3 hours in her bassinet then nurses 2.5 hours before going back to sleep for only 1.5 hours and then the cycle continues....

I really dont know what else to do...she poops 10x a day and pees 6 to 8x's a day.....

Please help me...I am wondering if I should supplement a bottle of formula in the morning to hold her over for altille. She sees her pediatrician for the first time tomorrow due to him being on vacation last week. Maybe he will have some insight for me.

She was weighed last week at 1 week old...she was born at 7lbs 8,6 oz and came home from the hospital weighing 7 lbs 2 oz and at her 1 week weigh in at the hopsital she was the same as her 2 day old weight.

Thanks for any suggestions that anyone can give me....


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TEE (not verified)

she could be going thru a growth spurt shaeleigh did at 7 days n 14 days n 4 weeks and she just had another one...i don't think its a concern let her nurse until she is finished...i heard that breast milk is thinner than formula so u could try some formula in the morning...good luck

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musicmom (not verified)

First off, OUCH! My goodness, that can't feel good for that long.
She may be going through a growth spurt. they usually have one at 2 weeks, 6 weeks, and again at 12 weeks.
It sounds like she is nursing for comfort though. Have you introduced a pacifier yet?

About the sleeping. I had to resign myself that Mel was going to sleep in the bed with us. She literally spent the first 4 months in my arms. I'm not sure how you feel about cosleeping, but there are safe ways to do it.

I don't think you need to give her formula, but that is just my opinion. If you don't already have enough milk, you soon will with all the nursing.
good luck,

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debgell (not verified)

I was also going to ask if she takes a pacifier. Perhaps introduce a bottle with breast milk in case it is for comfort (which I can't imagine it is not). I would also call her doctor's office and perhaps ask the nurse.

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JennTeacher (not verified)

I was thinking the same thing as Deb and APE. I found that when Ryane would nurse for a long time it was more for comfort that really eating. The sucking was soothing to her.

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DELILAH (not verified)

Thanks girls,

Yes I try the pacifier but she wont take it....She sucks on it for just a second or two and spits it out.

Ape, I have thought about just sleeping with her on my chest, that is the only way she will sleep in our bedroom. We did experiment last night and brought the bassinet upstairs and she wouldnt sleep in that either, she likes her pack n play. We think its because she sleeps with her arms out and all over, she moves them alot while sleeping and she hits the sides of the bassinet and we think that is what is waking her up. So tonight we are taking her pack n play downstairs and will try that. I hope it works...the couch is killing my back.

We went to our 1st pediatrician appt today due to him being on vacation last week. Autumn is back to her birth weight and will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. I am not sure if this is good or bad just that she has to go back next week for a re-weigh. He didnt say whether or not her weight was ok just to bring her back. He did suggest that due to her high palate he said she is sucking way too long and that after 20 minutes on each side take her off my breast and give her a bottle. He said he didnt care if I gave her breast milk or formula in a bottle but she needed to have atleast 2 oz in a bottle if then after 40 minutes she wants more put her back on the breast but not until after the 40 minutes. He thinks she is sucking way too hard and not getting enough before she falls asleep and that is why she is only sleeping for 5 to 10 minutes inbetween going back on the breast.

I did get my new Medela Pump in Style breast pump in the mail today and I pumped at 5 pm and got 2oz on the right and only 1 oz on the left. I am really worried about the left that is the side I have the cyst that the Dr said would not interfere with my breast feeding but even with my little electric pump I could never get as much out of the left as I did the right.

My question is I know most of you have used the Medela pump, how much did you get at each pump session and how often did you pump? Will I eventually get more at each pump session if I consistantly pump frequently?

I am thinking that if she isnt getting what she needs directly from the breast I was going to pump during the day and feed her with the bottle and then let her nurse as long as she wanted at night. I know it isnt what the dr said but I have a hard time telling her she cant nurse, even if it is 5 hours long. What do you think?

Well she is due to wake up soon....she really only takes one long nap a day and it is usally from 1pm to 4 or 5pm, but today she didnt go down until after 3 when we returned from her appointment.

Thanks so much for all your help, I sure could use all the help I can get.

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JennTeacher (not verified)

First, let me say do whatever you feel is right! My dr. told me the same thing about not letting her nurse too long, but I couldn't/can't pull her off if she is still sucking away. And she is fine.

When I first started pumping I barely got anything and I was lopsided like you (2 oz. on one side 1 oz on the other). I eventually was able to pump more but I only pump when I am getting engorged. I did pump this a.m. (without feeling engorged) and only got 2 oz. I'm actually starting to wonder if my milk is drying up. Anyway, I think you will get more if you continue to pump.

I know you said that Autumn sleeps with her arms spread out, but have you tried swaddling her? I found that was the only way I could get Ryane to sleep in her bassinet. I slept with her on the couch for a month before I was able to put her in the bassinet. You think you are sore from the couch? Try sharing it with a baby!! I was so happy when I was able to sleep in my own bed again. Oh, I also had her sleep on my chest a few times at first, but that is just so uncomfortable. I would rather have her sleep for a few hours in her bassinet than on my chest. But that's just my opinion.

Everything I ever read said that babies should be back to their birth weight at 2 weeks, so it sounds like Autumn is fine. I wonder why he wants to recheck her weight. Maybe it has to do with the eating issue. He may want to check that she is actually getting enough.

Autumn sounds like Ryane! I went through almost all of the same issues you are dealing with. :)

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runner (not verified)

I hope you can get some rest tonight, Delilah! I agree with Jenn, do what you think is right. I had the drs telling me I had to wake Annie every 2 hours to feed so she'd be back up to weight and it was miserable-I'll never do that again! I wish I had trusted my instincts, looking back. I used to be able to get up to 5 oz (usually about 3-4 though) on one side and a bit less on the other, depending on what side I nursed from most recently. I've only been able to get about 2 oz max on each side recently, too, but since Annie doesn't seem hungry after nursing, I'm not worrying about it. Plus, I have enough milk in the freezer to last 3 months! I know babies are more efficient at getting milk out than the pump, but I always wonder just how much she's actually getting. Good luck!

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DELILAH (not verified)

Ok girls we had a great night.....

I did our usual nursing session from 630 pm until bed time around 10 that point she kept waking up after I laid her down so I gave her 1oz of breast milk in a bottle and she fell asleep. She slept downstairs in our bedroom in her pack n play. We brought it down to try it. She slept from 1015 until 245 and then nursed for only 30 minutes and fell back asleep until 530 when I just brought her back in bed with us, she didnt nurse just wanted to sleep with us. She then woke up at 730 nursed and took 2 oz of bm in a bottle. Then fell back asleep until 1045 this morning. WOW I slept great, in my own bed and for more than 20 minutes each time.

I have been pumping in between her feedings this morning but it is hard to do since she eats all morning long. I did manage to get 2 oz out the first time and 1.5 the second, which I think is good considering the amount of nursing she does in the mornings.

She is 2 hous behind her normal afternoon nap but thats ok she slept later than usual this morning.

Dh and I have agreed that we will sell her bassinet since she wont use it. Dh is picking up another pack n play for downstairs today. I am just so amazed at how much she eats, but she is gaining and is content so we will continue to do what we are.

Well I better go she has been sleeping for only 20 minutes when I just heard the major explosion..yup her normal explosion after falling asleep......Yesterday she exploded so bad at the Dr's it was up her belly in her belly button, up her back and down her was a major took me over 15 minutes to clean her and the mess up......

Thanks girls and ttyl

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JennTeacher (not verified)

LOL, thank goodness Ryane's blow outs have never been that bad!! :-)

I'm glad last night went so well. I bet you feel a lot better today after getting some sleep.

I am no expert but FIVE HOURS seems REALLY EXCESSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just my opinion since my son breastfeed every hour on the hour(horrible-I got no sleep): instead of Breastfeeding on the breast, for one day only try giving her the breast milk in a bottle only and see how much she is taking in and time how long it takes her to drink it. That should help you measure how long she should be breastfeeding and how much she may or may not be getting from your breast versus just using you for a human pacifier. My Pediatrician told me if you reinforce these behaviors they QUICKLY turn in to bad habits!

I felt bad because I am like you moms I couldn't say NO! I felt like a bad mommy! But I was becoming a mean person instead(due to the lack of sleep)! Breastfeeding should be every 1-2 hours and should be 15 minutes per breast = 30minutes total. Not 2 1/5 hours on each side! That has got to hurt!

I wish he told me this in the beginning versus 5 months after birth and sleepless nights!!! I now have him on a great schedule!

The doctor also said by the time they are 4 months old they should sleep a solid 5 hours with no food. They don't always wake up hungry but we assume they do. They typically awake for pacifing. Swaddle them and give them a pacifier.

At 5 1/2 months he started sleeping 4-5 hours. Now he sleeps 8 hours at 6 months old! SUCCESS!!!

Ultimately, Ask your doctor what he/she thinks and add your better judgement and knowledge of your baby and go from there! And good luck. My heart is with you on getting some sleep. It is hard to fucntion without it. I cried many nights praying for rest!!! LOL

P.S. Alexi jr. had a blow out like that! It was up his back! What a mess!!! Get use to it. They happen again!!!

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runner (not verified)

Isn't it amazing what their little bellies can hold? I don't think we've ever had an explosion like that, but we've had some bad ones! Some friends have had ones where they cut off their baby's onesie and take him straight into the shower with them!

Oh my Gosh I remember that episode with the exploding baby. It seems to be a gift of motherhood. If you haven't experienced it once, you are missing out! LOL! He did that at the hospital when i had to go back in for an emergency dnc. The nurse told me he had boo boo all the way up to the back of his hair!!! LOL!!! She was a good sport and gave him a bath and a hair wash...she was such an angel.


Oh as far as the feeding lasting that long. my boy did that when he was in the hospital...they called it cluster feeding. Said they are going through growth spurts when they feed such a long time. He was glued to my boob for a whole day one time. But he grew out of it and started to fall asleep as soon as I got him home. I mean he would pass out after a few suckles....It would drive me nuts. I went to nursing consultations and everything. He just kept doing it until he was strong enough to stay away.


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DELILAH (not verified)

Well girls I can happliy say we slept for 7 hours last night. She ate for the 1000th time at midnight and we woke her up at 730 to get her ready for church.

I am mostly breastfeeding and pumping. I give her a bottle of breastmilk after she nurses for 30 min on each side or until she lets go and I cant squeeze any milk out. Only at night do I have to give her 2 to 3 oz of furmula because she wants to eat all night and gets so frustrated because she doesnt get as much milk from me as fast as she wants it. Last night for example she started to eat at 6 pm and I nursed her for over an hour and then gave her 2 oz of bm, them she nursed every half hour until 930 she then took a 20 min nap and got up and ate again. I nursed her this time for as long as she wanted which was 1115 and then I tried to burp her and thought there is no way she is hungry so we walked witht he pacifier in her mouth and she was getting really pissed....scream and at one point she spit out the pacifier and it hit me in the nose....We laughed but she didnt find it funny. Dh then said lets try a bottle she acts hungry, she he fed her 4 oz of furmula and she was happy and slept until this morning. I really dont know where all this milk is going. I can tell you that I am noticing a schedule of every other day she is awake alot during the day and that is when she is a hungry hungry hippo at night, even though she nurses all day she seems to be starving at night. On the days where she naps more her feeding schedule is evenly paced through the day with no major cluster feeding. I guess it will take us time to get used to each other and the schedules and feeding demands.

We go back to the Dr tomorrow for our re weigh, I am curious to see what she has gained in this last week.

I will try to add more pics, her looks are changing so much.

Thanks to all for your support and advice.

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JennTeacher (not verified)

She slept straight thru from midnight to 7:30? At 19 days old? That's great!! Maybe she was just eating so much so she could sleep that long. I'm interested to see how much she gained too.

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DELILAH (not verified)

Well we went to the Dr's today and he was amazed...

He said she should be gaining 15 kilograms a day and in the last 6 days her average weight gain is 50 kilograms per day...he said in a few months we are going to look back and say she isnt so tiny

I am so glad that she is gaining....we have another issue however...

I am not sure where she got this but perhaps someone who held her or touched her passed along ringworm to her. She has this mark on her face and dr said today its ringworm. We have no pets at all, so he said its possible someone who touched her or held her passed it to her.....urghhhhhhhhhhh

I told dh before she was born that I usally dont let people hold or touch my babies until atleast 3 months old, he laughed and said get over it, it will be fine. So I gave in, I dont let alot of people hold her but obviously I was right and he was wrong.

I called him at work and said from now on anyone who wants to touch her will be accompanied to the sink to wash thier hands in my presence so I can be sure they actually washed them. If anyone wants to hold her the same will happen along with a blanket laid onto thier clothing so she doesnt touch thier clothing or skin. If they dont like it oh well....and I told him oh by the way there will be a select few who will hold or touch her. We have a 2 week old with ringworm explain that to me.....

I know I am probably exessive but I dont just irritates me....

Ok I better go start dinner....Thanks everyone

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Saber4 (not verified)

Delilah... I am glad that Autumn is doing well with the weight gain. On other note, i am so sorry to hear that she has a ringworm on her face. Hard to believe that she is only 2 weeks old and got it from someone. I would be furious if it was my own daughter. You have rights to tell people to wash their hands before they get to hold her. Geez....

The recent pic of Autumn in her dress is so beautiful.

Take care,