Complex Nabothian Cyst!

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Complex Nabothian Cyst!

Hi, I am not sure where I should post this question, but I'll try here. I was recently taken to the ER with pain near my right ovary. I would have went to my ob-gyn, but I just moved from Pittsburgh to Ohio and have not found one in my area yet. Anyway, they said a cyst had ruptured. Also they said I had a Complex Nabothian Cyst on my cervix, and said i should follow up with my doctor. Does anyone know anything about these, or has anyone had these? Can these cause you from getting pregnant?


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Im sorry I have not heard of that complex.
There are several women here that had cysts ruptured though.

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here is something from google, it looks like there's a lot of info out there on them.. sounds like you might want to find an OBGYN in your area, esp if you are TTC...

Nabothian cysts are cysts on the cervix, not the ovaries, caused by blockage of cervical glands. They are completely benign. If you do have cysts on your ovaries, they may be follicles, called functional cysts, which form with ovulation and come and go. If you have an ovarian cyst that persists and grows, and is not suppressed by oral contraceptives, then it is not a functional cyst. There are many possibilities for what these cysts are, ranging from benign causes like endometriosis all the way to ovarian cancer.
You need to discuss the exact characteristics of these cysts with your gynecologist. She or he should let you know if they are simple (filled with clear fluid) or complex (partly fluid-filled and partly solid, or with debris within the cyst, or with multiple compartments). A relatively small simple cyst may only need to be observed, but complex cysts, especially if they are growing, often need to be removed.