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Ok I have been reading all of the sites and trying to find ways to determine when I will ovulate and they suggest feeling your cervix and taking cervical mucus but I cannot find my cervix. I have tried different positions : squatting, laying on my back, one leg up on the bathtub, so now I am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. In high school when I went for my first GYNO exam she made the comment you have a high cervix (whatever that means). My current OBGYN said oh its way in there so does anyone have any solutions. I know I have a cervix and I want to know if it will be harder for me to conceive because my cervix is so high. HELP!!!!


Hi lanie
Try this see if it helps -
When laying down lift your bottom up a bit or pop a pillow under you bottom to lift it. My doctor gets me to do this when I have smear test as he always has trouble finding my cervix. I've tried this and it worked for me. Regarding the worry of your cervix making it harder for you to conceive, I advise after BD prop your bottom up with a pillow and put your legs in the air. Lay like this for as log as you can (The longer the better.) I was told to do this by my doctor and it has worked 3 times for me. It helped a friend out who,d been TTC for ages too. Let me know how you get on.

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Thanks Sammy that is really good advice I will try it.

That's ok. Let me know how you get on.