Leukorrhea - Need Help!

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Leukorrhea - Need Help!

Hi Ladies

I've had the strangest thing happen today that has never happened before. Is it normal to experience Leukorrhea (white, very clumpy CM) while NOT pregnant?

I'm going to assume that I am not pregnant because DH and I BD on CD 4 or 5 this month and I have never ovulated that early before. This is my first month charting BBT but have been monitoring my cervix position and cervixal mucus. I know it's not an exact way to know when I ovulate but gives me a rough idea and I usually O any where from cd 12 - 18. My luteal phase is 16 days so I am able to look back afterwards and pin point when O occured.

The only thing I can think of is I had an ultra sound done on Friday, they found a fibrod in my uterus a few months ago as I have been having some very painful periods. So they sent me for another one to see if there had been any changes. Could the gel they use on the wand caused some sort of infection maybe?

There is no pain or smell, I was just checking the position and CM and noticed how clumpy it was! I've never had this happen before and I just wanted to know if others had experienced this.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated, I'm just really confused!