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BBT & Progesterone

Hi, this is my 4th month of charting since my m/c in March. At 7DPO my dr checked my progesterone and it was 49. I am one supplemental progesterone (2x100mg) from 2DPO. My problem is that my BBT has been very low since ovulation (0.1 above coverline). I got a strong + on the OPK at CD12 (a day earlier than ever +). In May my 7DPO progesterone was 29.5 (still good according to dr), but my temps were higher and more "jagged." I do have hypothyroidism, but my TSH was re-checked with my progesterone and it was 0.18 (too low). Both the high progesterone and low TSH should make my temps HIGHER, but they are low. I took a HPT when my temp spiked at 10DPO, but got a BFN. Anyone got any ideas? (BTW, I have 3 healthy kids, 2 m/c, MTHFR, Factor V Leiden, and am 40.)


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Hi Glenda,
I don't think your progesterone is the problem. The levels seem normal. How are your estrogen (Estradiol i.e. E2) levels? High estrogen levels can cause lower temps even if progesterone is normal. Personally, I would think the temp fluctuation is due to your Thyroid but I don't know much about what affects Hypothyroidism has on temps vs. Hyperthyroidism.

Also, the progesterone suppositories aren't supposed to affect temps so it could be your natural progesterone levels are low and thus your temps are low but as long as you are getting progesterone supplements, the uterine lining should be ready for implantation. What type are you using i.e. Prometrium or Endometrin? I just learned yesterday from my RE that Endometrin - which is a pill suppository - is a much better form of progesterone but it's more expensive.

By the way, I think 10 dpo is a little early for testing. 12dpo would be more accurate. At 40, most women are still very fertile and able to conceive naturally. It's 41 where fertility goes off a cliff for most women.
Good Luck!

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Hopinghoping (not verified)

glenda - just checked your chart.i see a +hpt !!!!!!